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Insane Carson Appreciation Wednesdays

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What? How? Make icons. Make fanart. Write fic. Post your favourite screencaps. Discuss your favourite Carson episodes. Heck - yodel a serenade for him for all we care. Do whatever you want as long as there's mucho love for one Carson Beckett. After all, this is all about Insane Carson Appreciation. There will also be challenges, though, to which you may only respond with the format that is specified in the challenge itself. More about that in the rules.

When? Every Wednesday! Starting from the 25th of January 2006. ANY TIME! Since traffic has been low, feel free to post whenever you feel like it. Just... make Wednesdays special, mmkay?


We would also like to point out that everyone is welcome here. We don't care what pairings you like, if you're a het or slash or gen fan, or whatever. As long as you're a Carson fan, we welcome you with open arms.

Please, pimp the community. Feel free to snag one of these buttons to put on your site/journal/whatever. Hotlink (only to these buttons) if you must, though we'd prefer it if you uploaded them to your own server.

The code:

[Disclaimer:] Carson Beckett or Stargate:Atlantis are not the property of the community maintainers or of anyone participating in the community. No copyright infringement was intended. No profit was made with this community or anything posted in it. The community maintainers claim free of any responsibility for what is posted by individuals other than themselves.

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